A full line of wholesale gourmet foods | Product Development
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Bakery Product Development

To make quality baked goods, it takes more than just quality ingredients; it takes the support of experts in baking, technology and an experienced team. Following our family tradition of baking; Zetlian believes that all products must be first tested and approved in our bakery labs prior to deliver to our customers. Using precise and customized equipment, we can support our clients’ needs to make modifications to recipes, ingredients, size, shape, palette, etc. to suit these specific needs. We fully support our customers in their product development from concept to completion.

State of the Art, Facilities

We’re equipped with state of the art facilities, with dough preparation machinery

  • Commercial Mixers
  • Dough Dividers
  • Sheeters
  • Holding/Proofing
  • Retarder/Proofer
  • Convection & Deck Ovens
  • Roll-In Rack Ovens
  • Revolving Ovens