Zetlian Bakery | 3 Cheese Garlic Bread
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3 Cheese Garlic Bread

About This Project

My friend Karoline loves to throw parties, with plenty of food, drinks and friends. I reckon, it must be the large Italian family thing- one is never disappointed for good food or great company at her place.

One of her favorite dishes which usually is a staple at her house (and now mine) is Torino’s 3 cheese garlic bread sticks. A sort of cross between a garlic bread and stuffed cheese stick.

It’s a swell way to feed lots of people and easy to prepare and serve.

You can have the bread sticks sliced and stuffed and cut them crosswise for smaller appetizer (finger food) bites. Heated or as is, stuff them with your favorite deli (I recommend mortadella), spread, Italian sausage and you’ll be a hero inf front of your friends and loved ones. But watch out, they’re addictive!

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